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March 7, 2020

On Saturday, March 7th, I will be reviewing Professional Portfolios at the Society for Photographic Education National Conference, in Houston, TX.

Finding an Audience for Your Work

March 3, 2020

Unless you plan on keeping your images a secret, making the work is just a start. You must find appropriate audiences and venues for your images. This discusson will explore various methods of promoting your work including portfolio reviews, call for entry exhibitions, gallery solicitations, and creating an online presence. Part of the conversation will be an examination of promotional strategies and their effectiveness. 

This will be a presentation for the Brentwood Photography Group.

March 7—March 29, 2020

Whether you are from the region itself or have passed through over time, the south has a way of embedding itself into ones memories. From its long history, quirky landmarks and vast changing landscape, the south is deeply rooted in tradition and American culture. While many people think the south wants to remain as it was, the “old south,” I have found that over the last decade the region is beginning to turn over a new leaf. This show is a chance for photographers to give viewers a taste of what the south looks like for them through their lens. 


Curated by Mattie Ott and Janet Decker Yanez

Opening reception is March 7th from 6—9pm.

Ground Floor Gallery

942 4th Avenue South

Nashville, TN  37210

Call 615-478-1467 for appointment.

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